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I would like to thank Dr. Alan Kwong Hing for my implants and Christine Reekie for my new dentures and all of her staff.

I have been a patient of Christine's for over twenty years and she has always been there for me when I have needed her help.

I listened to Christine and got new dentures and implants.

Well Guess What?    I love my implants and new dentures and all the pain is gone.  I eat everything.


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I love my new smile!!

Two years ago Christine suggested that I should have dental implants as my bottom plate was floating in my mouth.  I had to use products to hold my teeth down while I was eating.  I thought the procedure was just 'too costly' so kept fighting a losing battle, making the dental paste companies richer, to say nothing about the sore spots I was experiencing each day.

In January I decided enough is enough and called Christine to make my appointment to see Dr. Alan Kwong Hing.  The rest is history!

i have now had my dentures for six weeks and am very comfortable and happy!  I can now bite and chew all foods - absolutely no problem eating corn on the cob or chewing steak!  It is just wonderful to know that my bottom plate is not going to tip or jump out of my mouth.

I sincerely thank Christine for her patience, encouragement, and ongoing care.  A big thank you to Dr. Al for his wonderfulf work and care - and his happy smile!

I really wish I had listened to Christine two years ago.  I encourage anyone who is hesitating to go ahead and make THAT IMPORTANT APPOINTMENT!  You will not regret it!!




In early April 2006 I had an appointment ot see Christine.  She said she worked with Dr. Alan Kwong Hing (better known as Dr. Al).  He did the implants and she made and fitted the dentures afterwards.  Dr. Al surgically inserted three implants in June, and after giving the implants time to 'bond' with my bone, Christine then started the fittings for a complete new set of dentures.  She is definitely a perfectionist in her work, and made several molds and lots of fittings before she was satisfied that she could make the final set of dentures.   

The new dentures are great!! They fit perfectly, and the bottoms are nice and snug on the implants... wish I could have them done years ago!!   i can now eat foods I haven't been able to for a long time, and can even bite into foods and not have to cut them up into small pieces!!  I have nicknamed Christine "WonderWoman' as that is what I feel she is.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants dentures.