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Your New Denture


Congratulations on your new dentures!

Adjustments are normal within the first few months and we will help you through those 'sore spots' as you need them at no charge. Every mouth is different and some people need a few adjustments, some need many, and your experience will differ from someone else's. We warranty our work on your dentures for one year (excepting any self-adjustments you may do on your own).


With our annual check-up exam, we are able to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Over time, your mouth goes through considerable change. Tissue shrinkage and loss of underlying bone on which your dentures rest will occur. Since your dentures do not change, they may no longer fit like they once did. As well as checking your denture fit, bite and integrity, we want to have a good look under your denture to detect any existence of oral cancer or other abnormal conditions. We'll give your denture a good clean and polish and discuss any options available to you based on your needs. A benefit of doing an annual check-up is that we offer 50% off the repair fee for that year, in case something does happen to your dentures. 

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