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We have a large inventory of denture products aimed to keep your dentures clean and healthy. 

If you suffer from DRY MOUTH, Reekie Denture Clinic has products to relieve some of the symtoms.  
  • XyliMelts
  • Xylital Mints and Gum
  • Moi-Stir Spray
Reekie  Denture Clinic carries a full line of OXYFRESH dental products to keep your mouth fresh and healthy.
  • Super Relief Dental Gel
  • Power Rinse Lemon-Mint
  • Toothpaste
  • Breath Spray
  • Tonge Scrapers
When you are in for your annual denture exam we will recommend products to you take will help you feel better, smile better and eat better.  
  • Whitening Pens
  • OnePro Vitamins
  • Electric DENTURE Brush
  • DentaNet Ultrasonic Denture Bath
  • Gengigel Gel
  • Remin Toothpaste
  • CoQ10 complex Vitamins
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