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Developed by an expert in 1993, the Dentanet formula is not harmful to acrylic, metal, titanium, nylon or any other materials used for dentures or orthodontic appliances. The product is completely biodegradable and easy to use, and is intended for use by individuals as well as dental professionals.


The new Dentanet foaming cleaner, designed to clean any type of dental material, is finally available. This daily foaming cleaner is gentle and non-abrasive. The Dentanet foaming product cleans, prevents stains, bacteria, sediment, and tartar build-up. This is an exclusive and competitive product distributed only to dental professionals. Give yourself the best of the best: This super-concentrated foam is an excellent natural and biodegradable soaking product. With the purpose of being as eco-friendly as possible, a 250 ml refill is also available.

Dentanet  Denture Cleaner

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