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NovaDent Denture Cleaner

The daily cleaning solution

NovaDent deep cleans your dentures

Here is the innovative daily cleaning solution; it brings back perfect brightness and cleanliness to your denture(s).

Thanks to its unique properties, the NovaDent antibacterial solution deep cleans your denture(s) and eliminates:

  • 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

  • 100% of tartar

  • odours and stains​

NovaDent does not require any brushing and is very simple to use. Clean your denture(s) in just three steps:

  • dissolve a pouch of NovaDent cleaning powder into the basin with a little bit of hot water.

  • let your prosthesis soak every day for 15 minutes following a meal or overnight. The solution is effective for 7 consecutive days.

  • rinse again with hot water before putting back into mouth.

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